Wheel Cleaner Alu


Highly concentrated, acidic and unperfumed pro- duct for cleaning alloys/rims and other aluminium parts and surfaces. 

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Dosage depends on soiling; 100 to 200 ml per litre of water (1:10 to 1:5). Apply product and leave for 60 seconds, rub in if necessary and then rinse with high-pressure hose and clean water.

Please note: Do not leave to dry, do not use on hot alloys/rims and surfaces; leave to cool down first. Not suitable for use on soft metals. In doubt, always test substrate for suitability. 

Suitable for cleaning off brake dust, corrosion, 20L lime scale, etc. from varnished alloys/rims, fuel tanks and other acid-resistant surfaces such as stainless steel. Safe for use on glass. 

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