Innovative range for high quality cleaning of trucks and other intensively used transport equipment.

Better ingredients, smarter formulas, more effi cient processes … every day at Spectro we work on developing the cleaning concepts of the future. We develop them in our own laboratory and test them extensively in the daily routine of our user. This is how we work on a new future for the car & truckwash sector.

1. Our own factory in the Netherlands

All our products are developed and produced in our own sustainable factory in the Netherlands. We aim for better results every single day, in the field of quality and, of course, the price per washing, but also the user-friendliness and safety of our products. We work with our own R&D-department, who have a full laboratory at their disposal. This is where we develop products that have an optimal cleaning performance and also take care of a longer lifespan. Together towards a better truck washing: That is our goal.

2. A solution for every type of soiling

With over 30 years of experience, we know it better than anyone: every type of transportation has its own type of soiling for its specific purpose. This requires a specialized cleaning agent. Our R&D-team has developed an extensive range of cleaning products, so that we have a specifically developed solution for all types of soiling. This naturally applies to the exterior, but also to the interior.

3. Advice and service

Together with high-quality and sustainable cleaning, the cleaning agent itself plays the most important part. However, the right application of the product is also vital. That is why you can count on a personalised advice from us, that is entirely tailored to your means of transport (and associated soiling). Which product is the most effective? How do we ensure a longer lifespan? And what is the best way to use a product? Together we will find the best solution. And if you have any questions after that, we are happy to assist you further.