Truckwash products
Innovative range for high quality cleaning of trucks and other intensively used transport equipment.

Better ingredients, smarter formulas, more effi cient processes … every day at Spectro we work on developing the cleaning concepts of the future. We develop them in our own laboratory and test them extensively in the daily routine of our user. This is how we work on a new future for the car & truckwash sector.

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  1. Glass Cleaner-Doos 15 x 100 ml sprayer (A004691)
    Glass Cleaner-Doos 15 x 100 ml sprayer (A004691)
    Gebruiksklaar, fris geparfumeerd product voor het streeploos reinigen van ruiten, spiegels en glas.
  2. Mini flacons
    Mini flacons
    Our professional detailing products packed in very handy mini bottles.
  3. Wheel Cleaner Special
    Wheel Cleaner Special
    Ready for use, neutral, perfumed product for manual cleaning alloys/rims.
  4. Carpet Stain Remover
    Carpet Stain Remover
    Ready-to-use product for the removing of tough stains from carpet and other fabric upholstery.
  5. Showroom Finish
    Showroom Finish
    Ready-to-use product for the shine and protection of painted surfaces and glass. Ensures a water-repellent effect.
  6. Tire Finish
    Tire Finish
    Ready-to-use product for a long lasting shine on tires, rubbers and unpainted plastic. Also prevents materials from drying-out.
  7. Triple Finish
    Triple Finish
    Strongly perfumed product for a high-end dry finish of vehicles. Contains Polymer, which ensures a high-gloss finish of all car paints.
  8. Dashboard Finish
    Dashboard Finish
    Ready-to-use product to maintain and protect plastic and vinyl surfaces. Ensures a fresh and new appearance and prolongs the lifespan of materials.
  9. Odour Fresh
    Odour Fresh
    Concentrated, strongly perfumed, neutral product for masking, neutralising and preventing unpleasant smells.
  10. Finish Dryer Extra
    Finish Dryer Extra
    Perfumed product for the optimal and quick drying of all vehicles, especially suitable for divergent water quality.
  11. SP Cleaner 100
    SP Cleaner 100
    Concentrated, powerful acidic product for effective removal of dirt, lime scale and rust on stainless steel and acid-resistant surfaces (gives aluminium a new look).
  12. Alu Cleaner
    Alu Cleaner
    Very concentrated, acidic cleaner for rims and aluminium parts of cars and trucks (descaled acid-resistant surfaces).

Items 1-12 of 23

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