Toilet Cleaner Eco


Ecological, ready for use, freshly fragranced, acidic cleaner suitable for frequent descaling of sanitary facilities.

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Instructions for use: Toilets and urinals: Flush the toilet and apply the product evenly by squeezing the bottle; if necessary apply and brush in using the toilet brush. Allow the product to take effect for a few minutes and then flush.

Other uses: apply evenly to the surface to be descaled. Allow to take effect for no more than 10 minutes. If necessary brush in using the toilet brush and then flush with clean water.

WC Reiniger Eco is veilig te gebruiken op alle water en zuurbestendige ondergronden. zoals; keramiek, glazuur, chroom, glas, kunststoffen, tegelwerk, etc. Met uitzondering van kalkhoudende materialen.

Colour: Red
Fragranced: Freshly scented
pH level: 2.5

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