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  1. Degreaser

    Concentrated, highly alkaline universal cleaner for the removing of various heavy soiling.

  2. Machine Descaler
    Machine Descaler

    Highly concentrated, acid, low foaming, fragrance-free descaler for removing limescale and rust deposits. Prolongs the service life and improves the effectiveness of your appliance.

  3. Ecodos Kitchen Cleaner Dosage Bottle
    Ecodos Kitchen Cleaner Dosage Bottle

    Highly concentrated, low foaming, universal kitchen cleaner. Also suitable as soaking agent for dishes and as floor cleaner in the scrubber-dryer.

  4. Kitchen Cleaner
    Kitchen Cleaner

    Concentrated, low foaming, fragrance-free universal kitchen cleaner for general cleaning of floors, walls, work surfaces, kitchen equipment, boilers, containers, etc.

  5. Oven & Grill Foam Cleaner
    Oven & Grill Foam Cleaner

    Ready to use, foaming, highly alkaline cleaner, especially developed for thoroughly cleaning of the oven, grill and griddle.

  6. Pre-soak

    Highly concentrated, highly alkaline, fragrance-free, oxygen active powder product for removing stubborn residues from various kitchen appliances.

    Also great as a dishwashing agent for removing stubborn starch and protein residue.

  7. Stainless Steel Oil
    Stainless Steel Oil

    Ready to use, effective cleaning and maintenance product for stainless steel, plastic and other metals.

  8. Combisteamer Cleaner
    Combisteamer Cleaner

    Concentrated, low foaming, highly alkaline cleaner, especially developed for combi steamers with an automatic and semi-automatic self-cleaning programme.

  9. Ovenreinigings Tabletten
    Ovenreinigings Tabletten

    Gebruiksklare, krachtige, sterk al- kalische tabletten voor het grondig reinigen van ovens met automatisch reinigingsprogramma. 

9 Items

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