Special cleaning agents who do not fit in the other categories.

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  1. Graffity Remover
    Graffity Remover

    Ready to use, non-perfumed product for the removal of paint, marker pen and graffiti from painted surfaces.

  2. Bio Ontstopper
    Bio Ontstopper

    Geconcentreerd, laagschuimend, fris geparfumeerd, neutraal pro- duct voor het preventief ontstoppen van vrijwel alle soorten leidingen. 

  3. Groene Aanslag Verwijderen
    Groene Aanslag Verwijderen

    Sanosept Profi is een hooggeconcentreerd desinfectiemiddel bestemd voor het desinfecteren van oppervlakken, apparatuur en materiaal. Wettelijk toegelaten in Nederland (12240 N), België (316B) en Duitsland (N-30943).

  4. Ovenreinigings Tabletten
    Ovenreinigings Tabletten

    Gebruiksklare, krachtige, sterk al- kalische tabletten voor het grondig reinigen van ovens met automatisch reinigingsprogramma. 

  5. Laundry Detergent Super
    Laundry Detergent Super

    Concentrated, freshly fragranced, powerful liquid enzyme-based detergent.

  6. Fabric Softener
    Fabric Softener

    Concentrated, freshly fragranced product for softening and freshening all types of laundry.

  7. Combisteamer Cleaner
    Combisteamer Cleaner

    Concentrated, low foaming, highly alkaline cleaner, especially developed for combi steamers with an automatic and semi-automatic self-cleaning programme.

  8. Machine Descaler
    Machine Descaler

    Highly concentrated, acid, low foaming, fragrance-free descaler for removing limescale and rust deposits. Prolongs the service life and improves the effectiveness of your appliance.

  9. Farmquat

    Farmquat is a concentrated disinfectant used for disinfecting of stables for livestock and nearby premises, pharmaceutical sector, healthcare and food industry. Registered in the Netherlands (14931 N), Belgium (BE-REG-00284) and Germany (N-66144).

  10. Defoamer

    Product for controlling foam during manufacturing andcleaningprocesses e.g., tanks, pipes, scrubberdryers and water extractors etc. 

  11. Stainless Steel Oil
    Stainless Steel Oil

    Ready to use, effective cleaning and maintenance product for stainless steel, plastic and other metals.

  12. Air Freshener
    Air Freshener

    Ready for use, freshly fragranced, pH neutral combined air freshener and deodorizer for masking unwanted scents.

12 Items

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