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  1. Ecodos Interior Cleaner
    Ecodos Interior Cleaner

    Highly concentrated, neutral interior cleaner for daily use. Safe to use on all water-resistant surfaces like wood, plastic, glass, tiles, chrome, stainless steel, paint etc.

  2. Ecodos Washroom Cleaner (Acid)
    Ecodos Washroom Cleaner (Acid)

    Highly concentrated, acid sanitary cleaner for daily use. Safe to use on the whole sanitary area like sinks, toiles, urinals, tiles (walls and floors) and doors. Not suitable for use on calcareous stone types like marble and travertine.

  3. Ecodos Washroom Cleaner Bio
    Ecodos Washroom Cleaner Bio

    Highly concentrated, pleasantly scented, neutral sanitary cleaner with bacteria. Safe to use on all surfaces and breaks down smells.

  4. Ecodos Floor Cleaner Ultra
    Ecodos Floor Cleaner Ultra

    Highly concentrated, low foaming, neutral floor cleaner for daily use. Suitable for manual (mop system) and mechanical (scrubber dryer) use. Safe to use on all water-resistant floors. Does not streak and leaves a pleasant scent.

  5. Ecodos Floor Cleaner Soap
    Ecodos Floor Cleaner Soap

    Highly concentrated floor cleaner for daily use. Suitable on most water-resistant floors. Gives a fresh and shiny result.

  6. Ecodos Kitchen Cleaner
    Ecodos Kitchen Cleaner

    Highly concentrated, low foaming, universal kitchen cleaner. Also suitable as soaking agent for dishes and as floor cleaner in the scrubber-dryer.

  7. Ecodos Degreaser
    Ecodos Degreaser

    Highly concentrated alkali cleaner suitable for all alkali resistant surfaces. Removes the most persistent pollution like; fats, starch, protein, oils, street dirt, soot, nicotine and other pollutions.

  8. Ecodos Washing-Up Liquid
    Ecodos Washing-Up Liquid

    Highly concentrated, high foaming Washing-Up Liquid for manual washing dishes. The product can be used multiple times a day.

8 Items

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