Ecodos Washing-up Liquid Dosage Bottle


Highly concentrated, high foaming washing-up liquid for manual washing dishes. The product can be used multiple times a day.

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Manual dishwashing:
Use the following dosage:
Mild pollution:
Dose 1 cap (5 ml) of product.
Normal pollution:
Dose 2 caps (2 x 5 ml) of product.
Dose the product in a sink filled with maximum 5 litres of water. Do not keep the tape running, maar submerse the dishes. Use the recommended dosage.

Ecodos Washing-up Liquid is suitable for manual washing all dishes like, pots, pans, cutting boards, water-resistant appliances etc. The product is perfume and colour free, but with skin protective ingredients so it is very mild for the skin and avoid allergic reactions. Washing-up Liquid is not suitable as soaking agent.                                                                             

Colour: White
Scent: Unscented
pH-value concentrate: 7.0

Composition: Based on raw material from renewable origin. The product is biodegradable according the European Detergent Regulation (EC 648/2004).

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