Ecodos Floor Cleaner Extra


Highly concentrated, low foaming, alkali and degreasing floor cleaner. Suitable for manual (mop system) and mechanical (scrubber dryer) use. Safe to use on all alkali resistant floors. Emulsifies oil and grease pollutions and cleans tough pollutions such as scuff marks and (light) rubber tracks. Dries quickly and streak-free.

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Dose by way of Ecodos Easy.

Microfiber mop: 
Dose 5ml of product in a sprayer bottle or reservoir (max. 1 litre). Clean the surface with a moist (microfiber) mop or use directly on the surface. Empty sprayer bottle and reservoir daily.

Dose for normal pollution 5 ml of product per 5 litres of cold water. If necessary, change water regularly.

Use a dosage of 0.1% (1 ml per litre water). Dose the product in the clean water tank of the machine.

Ecodos Floor Cleaner Extra is suitable for highly polluted, alkali resisting floors such as production locations, sport facilities and garages. This product is suitable in combination with the use of microfiber.

Colour: Green
Scent: Freshly scented
pH value concentrate: 10.5

Composition: Based on raw material from renewable origin. The product is biodegradable according the European Detergent Regulation (EC 648/2004).

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