Ecodos Compact Dishwashing Agent


Highly concentrated, alkali, dishwashing agent for commercial dishwasher without chlorine. Suitable for all types of dishes and pollution. Very economical in use.

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Exclusively for use in combination with an Ecodos Compact dispenser.

Set the dosage as following:

Soft water: 0.5 gram per litre
Medium water: 0.75 gram per litre
Hard water: 1 gram per litre

The product can be used with all water hardness and types of pollution like, protein, fats, coffee and tea stains. Contains components that product metal and prevents the buildup of lime scale.

Colour: White
Scent: Unscented
pH-value (1% dilution): > 13

Composition: Based on raw material from renewable origin and mineral origin. The product is biodegradable according the European Detergent Regulation (EC 648/2004).

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