Ecodet Destainer Dosage Bottle


Highly concentrated, fragrance-free product for sustainable removing of stains and odours. Suitable for both coloured and white laundry.

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Preferably dose the product in the corresponding laundry ball or directly in the washing machine. Wash at the lowest possible temperature and with the largest load, if the type and degree of soil allows it.

Ecodet Destainer is developed especially for removing tough stains on laundry. Suitable for washing both on low and high temperatures. Can be mixed with Ecodet Laundry Detergent.

Do not use on delicate laundry like wool and silk.

Colour: White
Scent: Fragrance-free
pH value concentrate: X

Composition: The product is biodegradable according the European Detergent Regulation (EC 648/2004).

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