Concentrated, fragrance-free, highly alkaline universal cleaner for the removal of various types of heavy soiling from all alkali-resistant surfaces.

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Kitchen daily: depending on the level of soiling, use 50 to 100 ml per litre in lukewarm water.

Kitchen frequent:
use at least 100 ml per litre in lukewarm water.

for normal soiling, use 25 ml of product per litre of lukewarm water. For heavy soiling, increase the amount to 50 ml per litre of water.

Degreaser can be used to clean stubborn soiling caused by, for example, egg white, oils, fats on facilities, walls, floors, work surfaces, extraction hoods, etc. The product is suitable for both daily use and frequent use.

Colour: Yellow
Fragranced: Unscented
pH level: 13.5

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