Combisteamer Cleaner


Concentrated, low foaming, highly alkaline cleaner, especially developed for combi steamers with an automatic and semi-automatic self-cleaning programme.

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Always consult the instructions of your appliance before use. Check the reservoir before use, depending on the type of system, and replenish if necessary or connect the packaging directly onto the dosage system.

Consumption is approximately 100 to 550 ml of detergent. Always keep the door closed during use. In some cases you will have to rinse manually with clean water. The over has to be cleaned after preparation of high sodium products, such as fish and seafood. This prevents scale an corrosion.

Combisteamer Cleaner can be used for practically all combi steamers and other oven appliances made from stainless steel, iron and stone with a self-cleaning programme. Removes toughest soiling such as burnt-on grease and protein deposits. Use in combination with an acid rinse aid, if necessary. Frequent use will improve cleaning quality and service life of your appliance.

Kleur: Kleurloos
Geur: Ongeparfumeerd
pH waarde: 13,5

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