Innovative range for the high-quality cleaning of cars in the carwash

Better ingredients, smarter formulas, more efficient processes … every day at Spectro we work on developing the cleaning concepts of the future. We develop them in our own laboratory and test them extensively in the daily routine of our user. This is how we work on a new future for the carwash sector.

1. Better
All our products are developed and produced in our own - sustainable - factory in the Netherlands. We always aim for better results in quality and cost in use along with user-friendliness and sustainability. We work with our own R&D-team, who have a full laboratory at their disposal. We do not only develop the most innovative traditional products, but also unique specialities. Together towards a better carwash result: that is our target.

2. Easier
Together with high-quality and sustainable cleaning, the cleaning agent itself plays the most important part. However the correct use of the product is vital, that is why we use clear colour coding on the products. With this we ensure that you and your colleagues ‘automatically’ use the right product for the right step in the process. This also prevents spillage of the product, disturbance in the carwash process and…the decrease of the quality in your wash result.

3. Sustainable
A few years ago, the carwash has never seen an electric car. Now they are lined-up back to back. Time for the carwash to also take big steps towards sustainability and we are taking the lead. We do this by using environmentally friendly ingredients from renewable resources and we also carry out a sustainable conduct of business. Our factory is completely energy-neutral, we are certified with ISO 14001 and the Charter for Sustainable Cleaning.