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  1. Ecodos Floor Cleaner Dosage Bottle
    Ecodos Floor Cleaner Dosage Bottle

    Highly concentraded, lowfoaming, neutral floor cleaner for daily use. Suitable for both manual use or for use in a machine. Safe to use on all waterresistant floors. Has a pleasent and refreshing result.

  2. Floor Cleaner
    Floor Cleaner

    Concentrated, low foaming, fragranced neutral detergent for cleaning floors. Ideal for use in scrubber dryer machines and for manual use on all water-resistant surfaces.

  3. Floor Cleaner Extra
    Floor Cleaner Extra

    Concentrated, low foaming, fragrance-free, alkaline, powerful detergent for cleaning highly soiled floors.

  4. Carpet Spot Cleaner
    Carpet Spot Cleaner

    A ready for use carpet and furniture cleaner suitable for various cleaning methods. 

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