Cleaning agents for the cleaning of buildings such as interior, washroom and floors.

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  1. Glass & Interior Cleaner
    Glass & Interior Cleaner

    Ready-to-use, freshly perfumed product for streak-free cleaning of windows, mirrors and glass.

  2. Interior Cleaner
    Interior Cleaner

    Concentrated, neutral, freshly fragranced product for all everyday interior cleaning activities.

  3. Bio Ontstopper
    Bio Ontstopper

    Geconcentreerd, laagschuimend, fris geparfumeerd, neutraal pro- duct voor het preventief ontstoppen van vrijwel alle soorten leidingen. 

  4. Ecodos Interior Cleaner Dosage Bottle
    Ecodos Interior Cleaner Dosage Bottle

    Highly concentrated, neutral interior cleaner for daily use. Safe to use on all water-resistant surfaces like glass, tiles, chrome, stainless steel, plastic, paint etc.

  5. Ecodos Washroom Cleaner+ Dosage Bottle
    Ecodos Washroom Cleaner+ Dosage Bottle

    Highly concentrated, strongly scented, neutral sanitary cleaner for daily use.  Safe to use on all water resistant surfaces. Results in a long lasting fresh bathroom.

  6. Washroom Cleaner
    Washroom Cleaner

    Concentrated, freshly fragranced alkaline detergent for everyday maintenance of the entire toilet areas or washrooms.

  7. Washroom Cleaner Extra
    Washroom Cleaner Extra

    Concentrated, freshly fragranced, acid cleaner for daily maintenance of all sanitary facilities.

  8. Washroom Cleaner Bio
    Washroom Cleaner Bio

    Concentrated, freshly fragranced, neutral product for cleaning all sanitary facilities. The product has been specially developed for use in toilet blocks that are frequently used and where there are problems with odour. 

  9. Toilet Cleaner Eco
    Toilet Cleaner Eco

    Ecological, ready for use, freshly fragranced, acidic cleaner suitable for frequent descaling of sanitary facilities.

  10. Toilet Cleaner Extra
    Toilet Cleaner Extra

    Ready for use, freshly fragranced, thickened acid product for regular descaling of toilets.

  11. Air Freshener
    Air Freshener

    Ready for use, freshly fragranced, pH neutral combined air freshener and deodorizer for masking unwanted scents.

  12. Damp Area Cleaner
    Damp Area Cleaner

    Ready for use, fragrance-free, alkaline cleaner for effective cleaning of (tiled) walls and flushing surfaces.

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