After running several pilots last year, Spectro now officially launches the Internet of Spectro. Within this concept we will take the next step in effectively and efficiently using data in cleaning solutions. Among others, the unique Internet Modules, Spectro Technical Service and Spectro App play a big role in this new story.

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Spectro Internet Modules: never again out of product!

At users of our innovative cleaning solutions we install a special Spectro Internet Module, which can communicate with all of Spectro’s dosing equipment and sensors. This data will continuously be passed on to our server, where we can further analyze and if necessary edit.

The first practical application of the Internet of Spectro therefore is monitoring large packaging like IBCs and MiBCs in the Car- & Truckwash and the food & beverage processing industry. We’re able to read out data to the minute and with this when a user reaches the moment for order, after which we automatically send out new product. Furthermore, users always receive a notification when they’ve completely run out. In this way, they’ll never have to be without product!

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Spectro Technical Service & the renewed Spectro App

The Internet Modules, sensors and dosing equipment are all both developed and produced by Spectro itself in our energy neutral factory. Furthermore, equipment is professionally installed by our brand-new Spectro Technical Service Team, which is available 24 hours per day to help our users whenever needed. In addition, they work completely CO2-neutral through only using electrical transportation.

Another important aspect of the Internet of Spectro is the launch of our rebranded app. The Ecodos App has officially been transformed into the brand-new Spectro App, that comes with many more functionalities. For example, you can request installations via our Technical Service, generate work reports, and in the near future users will even receive notifications when a product is (almost) empty and needs a refill.

The Internet of Spectro is our data driven innovation group for a more effective, efficient and environmentally friendly use of Spectro’s Next Generation Cleaning Solutions. Do you want to try out our smart systems? Install the Spectro App now and contact us!