Made of 100% recycled plastic and therefor unique in its kind. 

Recycle Bottles

Used products deserve a new life. Recycling and reuse are therefore important areas for attention in the production process. A good example of this are our ‘Recycle Bottles’: which are made from up to 100% recycled plastic. Recycle bottles reduce CO2 up to 75% compared to new plastic and save up to 95% on the use of fossil fuels*. Our newest Recycle Bottle is the Ecodos Dosage Bottle.

Made of 100% PCR plastic

The Ecodos Dosage Bottle is made of 100% PCR plastic. PCR stands for Post Consumer Regrind and is plastic from collected consumer waste (for example Plastic Hero) which is cleaned and processed to plastic pellets. PCR can be used up to 100% in new plastic products of PET, HDPE and PP. The quality is equal to virgin material, however the colour is slightly darker.

As of now Spectro will replace the current dosage bottle by the new Dosage Bottle.

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