Compact, stackable and easily manoeuvrable

Too small, too large or too expensive?
Better ingredients, smarter formulas, more efficient processes. Every day at Spectro we work on developing the cleaning concepts of the future. Therefor Spectro introduces the MiBC® semi-bulk users. 20 litre cans are often too small or relatively too expensive. However, large 1000 litre IBCs take up valuable storage space. In addition, doorways are often too narrow to accommodate them. Spectro’s MiBCs provide the perfect solution.

Spectro MiBC’s offer a solution
As opposed to 200 litre drums, for example, the MiBCs are stackable and easily manoeuvrable. Moreover, this professional packaging ensures a tidy and durable look. After use, the packaging is picked up, cleaned and reused by Spectro. This enables us to avoid unnecessary waste and close the recycling loop.

Spectro MiBC's are available for most Spectro's car & truckwash products.
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