The shovel has officially entered the grounds: with the start of 2021, Spectro is looking forward to an exciting new year with the construction of a brand-new warehouse. 1750 square meters will bring more space, more possibilities and more Next Generation Cleaning Solutions.  

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2020 was a turbulent year: the COVID-19 outbreak had a huge impact on a global level and insured a massive increase in demand for disinfection products. Over the last year, Spectro luckily was able to contribute with its large selection, among other ways through prioritizing sales to vital occupations. Due to this increasing demand for products, it wouldn’t take long for a lack of space to become a problem.

Building a new warehouse therefore was bound to happen: a collaboration with construction company Erp-Dollevoet that will result in 1750 square meters of surface with a height of 9.5 meters. Right now, construction has officially started and Laurens, Alissa and Quintus Metternich are looking forward to further expand on Spectro’s innovative character.

“We already had plans for a new warehouse in 2019, but because of 2020 everything went into acceleration. Right now hygiene is more important than ever, and people have luckily started to realize this. As Spectro we are trying to respond to this demand for disinfection products as quickly as possible, in order to be able to supply everyone who needs it.”

New Spectro warehouse will soon be operational

There’s no need for waiting around for the warehouse: the expectation lies on it already being fully operational in April. Construction won’t end there either, since the company is busy talking to architects to realize the Spectro Technology Center. In the future this will be the place to take even more innovative steps towards Next Generation Cleaning Solutions.

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