Spectro has been producing disinfectants for professional use according the legal requirements since its establishment. During the outbreak of the COVID-19, it is important for companies to take extra care of personal hygiene and the hygiene of the surroundings. Disinfecting can contribute greatly in this. Unfortunately we see that these disinfectants are not always used correctly. Therefore we have put together this factsheet.

1. Hand hygiene
COVID-19 can easily be spread by hand contact. Therefore we have to avoid shaking hands for example and avoid important hand contact points such as (stair) railings and door handles. Only disinfect your hands when needed and when you do not have the availability of water, hand soap and a sink or if you are working for example in the healthcare, the food processing industry or catering industry. Make sure that the hands are clean and use a disinfectant that has the right legal requirements for (Corona) viruses (such as Ethades+). Rub the hands for minimal 60 seconds. Below a instruction video on how to disinfect your hands correctly.

2. Surface hygiene
In normal circumstances, the cleaning with a regular cleaning agent and material is sufficient. In some situations the use of disinfectants is essential, think of healthcare, food processing industry, catering industry, agricultural sector etc. However, because the spreading of COVID-19 can also take place through surface spreading, it is also essential to disinfect the critical contact point, such as door handles, light switches, taps, railings and control panels of (mobile) appliances.

3. Surface disinfection
Most disinfectants can only be used on clean surfaces, so make sure that you always clean the surface before disinfecting. Turn off electric appliances. Only use a disinfectant that has the legal requirements against (Corona) viruses. Make sure that you use the correct dosing, apply the product and let is work for the required working time, which can vary from one to fifteen minutes. Do not wipe away immediately! Some disinfectants need to be rinsed with water, others (such as Ethades) can be left to air dry. Below a instruction video on how to disinfect small and large surfaces correctly.

Tailored advice
Do you require specific advice for your situation? Contact us directly. One of our specialist will, with the appropriate distance, provide you with tailored advice and the required products. Have a look at our other article Coronavirus & availability.

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