Interclean Amsterdam is the worlds biggest exhibition for the profession cleaning industry. An important parts of the Interclean is the Innovation Awards. Spectro is at the 2020 edition nominated for the innovation Award with the Recycle Factory.

Recycling essential
The Coronavirus has a big impact on our industry. There are shortages for many packaging and materials. Therefor re-use and recycling is very impact. For example we recommend customers to clean and re-use triggers and dispenser pumps. Keep returning empty packaging to us, when they reach the end of the life-cycle.

Digital ceremony
Although the exhibition is postponed to November, the ceremony will still be (digital) on the 12th of May. We will keep you updated about the developments. More information on the Interclean website.

Update 12th of May
Unfortunately Spectro did not win the award. However we are still very honored with the nomination!