"I am very pleased, the 'Never order shampoo’ concept is a real addition to our working method and our company. It is so easy to use, I never have to worry about ordering shampoo anymore!" Speaking is Hans Meulendijks, owner of Truck Cleaning Veghel (TCV). "I normally had to keep an eye out on when to order the shampoo myself. Now I don't have to think about it at all anymore. The shampoo is delivered automatically. It's perfect!"


Test site ‘Never order shampoo’

TCV is one of the first test sites of Spectro's ‘Never order shampoo’ concept. Earlier this year, the Spectro Technical Service Team installed the Spectro Internet Module which can communicate with all of Spectro's dosing equipment and sensors. The data is sent to Spectro’s server every hour. Subsequently, TCV's stock is monitored by the IBC Monitoring System. An order moment is set in coordination with Hans and he can see exactly when this ordering moment is reached. At this exact moment new product will be sent automatically. Hans Meulendijks says: "I have chosen to have the sensors adjusted to a certain level. When this level is reached, another IBC of product can be added to our stock. This way I am certain I never run out of shampoo, because the new IBC is always delivered within 2 working days!" Moreover, thanks to the intelligent data processing, Hans always has insight into the consumption. Therefore he can make targeted adjustments to perfect the result.

Highly recommended

The business owner from Veghel is visibly enthusiastic: "Not only do we have the equipment from Spectro, but we also only use products from Spectro. That combination ensures that I get the best out of my products and equipment." While talking, Meulendijks shows how the TC Excellent works on a truck and how quickly the dirt is absorbed into the shampoo. "Do you see? The quality of the Spectro products is very good. The dosage is adjusted by the Spectro Technical Service Team therefore we never use too much shampoo. That in turn saves on costs. And the result? Really clean of course!" TCV has been working with the IBC Monitoring System for 6 months and Hans doesn't want anything else anymore. "I recommend the 'Never order shampoo' concept to everyone," he concludes. "It's easy, the technology works without problems and the contact with Spectro is excellent."

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Unique in the world

The Internet Modules and sensors are developed by Spectro itself and produced in its energy neutral factory. Everything is professionally installed by the Spectro Technical Service Team. Moreover, the Spectro Technical Service Team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This team works in a completely carbon-neutral manner by using electric vehicles only.
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We would like to thank Hans Meulendijks of Truck Cleaning Veghel for this interview.