Better ingredients, smarter formulas, more efficient processes … every day at Spectro we work on developing the cleaning concepts of the future. We do not only develop the best cleaning products, but also explore ways of how we can change the cleaning market with innovative concepts. At Spectro, we pursue perfection day after day.

Sustainable solutions

At Spectro, quality, cost savings and sustainability go hand in hand. Our concentrated cleaning products and precise dosage systems are, by definition, among the most sustainable solutions in the market. We also use as many environmentally friendly products as possible and we encourage the use of products with the EU Ecolabel. The best example of that is our Ecodos brand; the vast majority of the Ecodos products are rewarded with the EU Ecolabel.
At company level we also continually invest in people and the environment.

Complete cleaning schedules

A good product is only half the battle. After all, ultimately that product has to be used as efficiently as possible on the work floor, which is why we support you with complete cleaning schedules and useful online tools. Furthermore, we train your employees to use our products as safely, effectively and sustainably as possible.

Family business

As a family business, we always set our sights on the future.
That is because we believe that investing in the long term always brings the maximum benefits, both for our customers and for ourselves.
This vision led to us winning the Family Fundament Award for the Best Dutch Family Business in 2014; this was a
wonderful acknowledgement of what we have been working towards as a family for more than 50 years:

Next Generation Cleaning Solutions.