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Better ingredients, smarter formulas, more efficient processes …
Every day at Spectro we work on developing the cleaning concepts of the future. We do not only develop the best cleaning products, but also explore ways of how we can change the cleaning market with innovative concepts. At Spectro, we pursue perfection day after day.
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Our brands

In terms of cleaning products, it's all about the details. Not just the quality and efficiency, but also safety and sustainability. This is why, over the years, we have developed a comprehensive range of products, with the right product for every job. There are various products to choose from: private label, our Premium range and the ecological concepts Ecodos and Ecodet.
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Our products

From interior and sanitary facilities to textile care and industrial cleaning: at Spectro you will find all the products and concepts you need to take your cleaning to a new level.
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Sustainable chain

It goes without saying that we constantly strive to make our business sustainable, but our efforts to make the market more sustainable is where we really make a difference.
Therefore, through our sustainability policy, we focus on the entire chain:
from raw materials to reuse.
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Recent Blog Posts

  • Interclean innovations
    Interclean innovations

    On the 2018 Interclean we have introduced the following innovations:
    - Ecodet Compact;
    - Ecodos App;
    - Ecodos Method;
    - iHACapp.

    If you click on the links above you can find more information.

    We would like to thank everyone for their visit!

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  • Spectro presents Ecodos Recycle Dosage Bottle
    Spectro presents Ecodos Recycle Dosage Bottle

    Made of 100% recycled plastic and therefor unique in its kind. 

    Recycle Bottles

    Used products deserve a new life. Recycling and reuse are therefore important areas for attention in the production process. A good example of this are our ‘Recycle Bottles’: which are made from up to 100% recycled plastic. Recycle bottles reduce CO2 up to 75% compared to new plastic and save up to 95% on the use of fossil fuels*. Our newest Recycle Bottle is the Ecodos Dosage Bottle.

    Made of 100% PCR plastic

    The Ecodos Dosage Bottle is made of 100% PCR plastic. PCR stands for Post Consumer Regrind and is plastic from collected consumer waste (for example Plastic Hero) which is cleaned and processed to plastic pellets. PCR can be used up to 100% in new plastic products of PET, HDPE and PP. The quality is equal to virgin material, however the colour is slightly darker.

    As of now Spectro will replace the current dosage bottle by the new Dosage Bottle.

    More information about Spectro en Sustainability:
    More information about the Ecodos Dosage Bottle

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  • ISO14001 certified
    ISO14001 certified

    In addition to our ISO9001 certification we are now also certified according to ISO14001.

    This means the following for Spectro:
    - We are continuously involved with the environment and always working on reducing the environmental impact.
    - - We control all laws and regulation concerning the environment regarding business operations.

    More information about Spectro and sustainability:
    Download the ISO14001 certificaat.

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